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Portable Stages

Configurable shapes and sizes and heights

Bil-Jax 4'x4' sections with adjustable height legs.

Adjustable height stairs with safety hand rails.

Configurations and Pricing

Bil-Jax staging system is configurable in any pattern with interlocking 4'x4' square sections. The legs can be set from 18" high to over 4' high, and through their adjustability, make it possible to get a level stage on uneven or sloping ground. Below are only a few examples of various stage shapes and sizes.
Pricing is based on the number of squares used and the number of legs used and what height (stages higher than 18" require bracing for safety and stability, which is reflected in the 3.5'+ height price). Price includes setup and breakdown. Additional travel expense may apply. Pricing good for 1-3 days. Add 10% of original price per day for events lasting longer than 3 days. For example, a 20'x16' stage at 3.5' height uses 20 squares ($300.00) and 30 legs ($165.00), then add one set of stairs ($40.00) for a total of $505.00.

Contact me for any questions.