ACT-707 - wireless mic systems

ACT-707HM handheld microphones and ACT-707S receiver packs.

ACT-707TM beltpack transmitters can accomodate headset or lavalier microphones.
Guitar or other line source material can also connect to beltpack for wireless operation.

The ACT-707S is a true diversity receiver which features the world's first color LCD panel diplaying multiple statuses.  Furthermore, it has an "AutoScan" button to auto search for non-interference channels with a simple touch of a button.  Concurrently, a simple 1-touch on the "ACT" button will therefore provide rapid and precise channel setting of the transmitter, avoiding possible errors or mechanical breakdowns.  This system is perfect for single system usage under all professional applicationsas it was based on years of experiences in professional audio markets to solve issues of quick-change of frequency, select non-interference frequency, and avoid interference to maximize your wireless experience.

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