A letter of reference from Boyd DuPree

We had the opportunity to have Logan Bartley completely provide sound for the band "Eisley" (formerly known as MossEisley) on two separate occasions where sound was very critical to the success of the outcome at a venue in a large room with a great theatre stage. All I can say is that the sound was killer. We've had the opportunity to do live shows at all the best clubs in Deep Ellum - Dallas, Texas, but with the exception of maybe one (who comes close), I haven't seen the quality or artistry that Logan brought. I haven’t heard the band sound as good. We do a great deal of touring... I typically have to ride the front of house guy to even get close to getting a good mix. Logan nailed both shows. He has good ears. Not just technically – which is important, but he listens to the music and senses what to do...where the vocal harmonies should rest...how to balance out guitar volumes with other instrumentation.

With an amazing arsenal of state of the art Peavy technology, he filled the room with sonic beauty using 4 subs, 4 mains, 34 channel mixing board, 31 band equalizers and other effects processors.  Rarely does a sound engineer mix Eisley live that evokes a smile on my face, but honestly, I couldn't wipe it off the entire set. Logan delivers the sound...no hype. And even more, he's a nice guy with no ego - which I believe helps him in his pursuit of sound artistry.

Eisley is now signed with Warner Brother Records, is managed by Nettwerk Management - who manages Coldplay, Avril Lavigne and others. They are touring major markets/arenas - opening for bands such as Coldplay, Snow Patrol, New Found Glory, and others. (the mention speaks only to the credibility of this endorsement)


Boyd DuPree
Tour management/design/dad to Eisley