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Greetings all. I just wanted to let everyone here know that there is a top quality pro sound & lighting provider right here amongst us here on the DCM message board.

Friday night, Clearview played a concert sponsored by Sigma Phi Lambda sorority at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. It was an outdoor show and Bartman of Bartman Audio Productions bailed them out on short notice. (Sorry they couldn't give more notice, Bartman...but we didn't get word that we were to provide sound until the last minute).

They rented his full sound and lighting system and folks...let me tell you IT ROCKED!! Every piece of his gear performed as advertised, flawlessly! 95% of a sound system is the guy running it and I personally am always a bit leary when I'm working with a new FOH engineer. Folks, Bartman has a great ear for mixing sound...I'm not making this up. Clearview had the best mix Friday night I heard so far. The guy is really GOOD and knows his stuff!!

Bartman has all NEW state of the art matched Peavey gear. It is top notch equipment. I will be the first to admit my last dealings with Peavey PA gear goes back to the early 80's and I suffered from several breakdowns due to heat (outdoor summer shows). Peavey in those days was notorious for inadequate quality control. After Friday night, ol' Big Daddy is seriously rethinking Peavey PA. Don't sell it short. The new generation Peavey PA gear is pro level stuff. Outdoor gigs require LOTS of power and Bartman's system was delivering an honest 100 - 105 db at the FOH position, without any distortion or "coloring" the sound. I was watching the amp racks beneath the stage during the performance and I never did see a "clipping" light. Bartman's system has more than enough power and headroom. It was honest to goodness, rock solid thunder. Bartman has moved to the top of our provider list.

Anyway folks, I just wanted to give all of you a heads up. If you have an upcoming show and need a top notch sound company for a very reasonable price, contact Bartman at the link. You can book Bartman Audio Production with peace of mind.

Go visit his site and take a look see.

Thanks Bartman for helping them out. You can use Clearview as a reference anytime. Hope to work with you again very soon. And by the way...it was a pleasure meeting you and putting a face to DCM message board name.