PVM 520i - kick drum mic

Each microphone has these characteristcs...

Polar pattern:

Front-to-back rejection
20 dB typical

Frequency response:
45 Hz to 19 kHz

-52 dB

The PVM 520i is a high performance instrument microphone that is unique in its ability to maintain superior off-axis rejection.  Many conventional instrument microphones lose their ability to discriminate against unwanted sounds below 500 Hz.  This is to say they become essentially omnidirectional products below 500 Hz and are of limited use in many instrument micing applications.  The PVM 520i maintains control of polar response down to and below 100 Hz, making it an ideal choice even in critical recording environments.  The 520i is an excellent choice when very low frequency reproduction is required, such as kick drums, floor toms, and other instruments with very low frequency fundamentals.  Because the PVM 520i exhibits such smooth and accurate response, it is also ideal for the brass and woodwind families.  The excellent transient response of the PVM 520i also indicates its usage as an uncolored and extremely accurate vocal microphone.

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